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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
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Server-based automated 5G Network Measurement Solution

Server-based automated 5G Network Performance Measurement Solution
XCAL-Manager is a server-based, integrated measurement solution that enables operators to make plan and monitor real-time measurement data. Operators can perform large-scale wireless measurements using various remote test units (X-Remote Series, Smartphone based apps, PC based XCAL Series, Various kinds of scanners and Benchmarking solutions). Operators also can validate the measurement result via report on the web within an hour after the measurement finished. New XCAL-Manager solution can reduce cost effectively across all measurements from wireless network rollout to optimization.
Use XCAL-Manager to
  • Perform various voice & data service tests
  • Manage field testing via remote control
  • Monitor network KPIs, RF Parameters of multi devices in real-time
  • Perform automatic call test via sending the test schedule and drive route
  • Detect and troubleshoot call performance issues, coverage limitations and capacity bottlenecks in real time
  • Perform In-Building testing & analysis
New Updates
  • Add 5G Samsung and Qualcomm on XCAL-Manager and XCAP-View
  • 5G monitoring page (including cell throughput)
  • Analysis 5G on Summary view, Call table, Processed Data Management
  • Support PCTel Scanner
  • Add multi client viewer for massive call test
  • Flexibility
    • Measurement in various types depending on the purpose your wants, such as rollout or optimization
  • Expandability
    • Server-based remote control allows you to extend your measurement range without having to worry about area and time at the same time
  • Usability
    • Simple GUI and easy operation make it easy to use for non-professional users
  • Accuracy
    • Check Measurement route, call statistics and KPI in real-time to find out abnormal area or necessary of re-measurement, change scenario and take immediate field action
  • Economics
    • Easy to cover large area with simple method, cost saving by easy enough to use anyone without additional training
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