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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
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Server-based Network Rollout Solution

Server-based Measurement, Analysis and Automated Report Solution for Rollout
XCAL-RO (XCAL Roll-out) is a total automation solution that is based on Android mobile application and Server. XRO provides non-stop measurement and analysis solution comprehensively by conducting and monitoring measurement tests, analyzing collected log data, and publishing various reports in real time. XCAL-RO maximizes test efficiency especially for initial network optimization projects such as Site Acceptance Test and Cluster Acceptance Test.
Use XCAL-RO to
  • Perform various voice & data service tests
  • Offer drive route GPS and real-time monitoring by using smart phones
  • Monitor network KPIs, RF Parameters and Layer 3 messages in real-time across all wireless technologies from any PC with internet access
  • Issue reports automatically
  • Provide simple analysis features for fail reason
  • Analyze Signaling & Packet messages based on web in detail
  • Provide statistic data of measurement and overall process status
New updates
  • Support 5G Samsung and Qualcomm chipsets measurement
  • Provide the non-measurement cause and issue content photo registration function
  • Provide comparison report according to site tuning
  • Provide the share of analysis content between analysis engineers
  • Cost & Time Effectiveness
    • Test conducting by non-experts
    • Prompt result monitoring and quick decision on test re-conduction
    • Time save by providing auto test result and report
  • Higher Availability
    • Simultaneous process of large capacity data
  • Convenience
    • Web-based anywhere anytime tool
  • Powerful Functionality
    • Outperformed analysis on Signaling and Packet messages (L3/SIP/RTP)
  • Accuracy
    • Check Measurement route in real time to find out abnormal area or necessary of re-measurement and take immediate field action


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