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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
wireless performance, innovation, value and trust.


5G / IoT / Site Acceptance / Field Optimization / Mobile Debug

End-to-End Network Visibility and Optimization Solution
AEGIS is an End-to-End total solution that collects signal and data traffic from mobile network for 4G/5G(NSA/SA) in real-time to provide user call-based monitoring/analyze/statistics. By collecting real-time information from a various network interfaces (e.g. S1-MME, S11, S6a, S1U, etc), AEGIS filters, correlates, assembles and structures the data to provide and inspect your network performance.
Use AEGIS to
  • Collect packet and analysis base on 5-tuples
  • Create CDR (Call Detail Record) for each interface with timestamp and User/Location/Node information and KPIs
  • Provision interval of CDRs is 1 minute
  • Store raw packets with timestamp and User/Location/Node information with IMSI index table and query raw packets based on timestamp and IMSI/TMSI promptly
  • Realtime packet trace based on IMSI/TMSI and IP/Port
  • Time synchronize with NTP and GPS
  • One click analysis from visibility to deep-dive packet analysis

5GFunctions with AEGIS
  • Provide auto recovery feature when error occurs
  • Provides data that compares the number of 5G service experienced cstomers and traffic usage by access NW
  • Provides a function to compare the traffic ratio for each access nw type (5G gNB, 4G eNB) of 5G customers
  • Provides a function to compare the number of customers by 5G phone
  • Provides a function to compare heavy user traffic share and gNB / eNB traffic ratio
Life is easier with AEGIS

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