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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
wireless performance, innovation, value and trust.


5G / IoT / Site Acceptance / Field Optimization / Mobile Debug

The World’s Leading Remote Test Tool
Smartphone based enclosure which allows installation on vehicles, trains, ships and building where it needs to be managed remotely. XCAL-Ranger offers unmanned solution for users who collects all the data through the server for automated processing.
Use XCAL-Ranger to
  • Deployment types
    • Cars, Trains, Buses, Buildings, Remote sites
  • User groups
    • Network operations department
    • Customer services department
    • QoS department vendors
    • Network engineering department
    • Train operators
  • 24/7 measurement available
  • Reduce manual test costs
  • Collection of data on a continous asis
  • Enhanced and wider coverage network testing
  • More detailed view of network service status
  • Eliminates error in manual testing
  • Part of the XCAL family of products, sharing log file format and analysis
  • Provide auto recovery feature when error occurs
    • Automatically performs recovery for errors during measurement
  • Provides status report feature
    • Reports current device status for remote monitoring feature
  • Supports automated call feature
    • Supports various types of measurement including Voice, VoLTE, FTP, HTTP, Youtube, etc
  • Provides schedule feature for measurement
    • Provides various schedule feature to perform automated measurement according to the configured schedule
    • Schedule setting type : 1) Set date, 2) Set time, 3) Always
  • Provides auto log file upload feature
    • Log files can be uploaded automatically based on log file auto upload option setting provided by XCAL-Auto server
  • Provides auto log file delete feature after upload
    • Log files in XCAL-Ranger can be deleted automatically after time configured by log file auto delete feature

H/W Specification
SIZE 160 x 260 x 55(mm)
WEIGHT 1.75kg Box only
FAN SIZE 4 x 4(mm), Total 3 included Auto on/off
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