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LTE EPC Network Emulator

Test solution for all the phase of LTE eNodeB and Small cell development and roll out

Xcore emulate LTE evolved packet core network on a sing PC to provide all the testing phase of LTE eNodeB and Small Cell development and roll out. It supports key functions of Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW), PDN Gateway (PGW), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), and Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF).

  • Use Xcore to

    • Simulate MME, SGW, PGW, HSS, and PCRF
    • Develop, test, and demonstrate eNB and HeNB without a real network connection
  • Benefits

    • Easy to use and configure
    • Economical, powerful and intuitive to develop with high returns on investment
    • Extensive real time data logging and capture with visualized analysis
  • Xcore is suitable for

    • LTE small cell manufacturers
    • LTE operators
  • Available tests with Xcore

    • E2E or throughput test: FTP, iperf(UDP/TCP), and ping
    • QoS test
    • Handover test
    • All application tests with application servers
  • Features

    • Emulating key functions of 3GPP Evolved Packet Core network (EPC)
      • Support up to 32 UEs
      • Support up to 2 eNBs or HeNBs
      • Support up to downlink 100Mbps and uplink 20Mbps with 20MHz bandwidth
    • Release9 LTE standard spec compliant
    • Configuration
      • System parameters of address of UEs, eNBs or HeNBs, and Xcore
      • Protocol parameters of PLMN, PDN and QoS
      • USIM information database
    • Display
      • Call flow
      • Real time signaling message data
      • Data throughput measured at the Xcore (per eNB, HeNB, UE and EPC)
    • Provide logging data for whole test duration (for example, a week)
    • Graphic user interface

Implemented items on Xcore related to S1 interface

S1AP E-RAB Management
Context Management
NAS Transport
UE Capability Information Indication
Trace & Location Reporting
GTP User Data Transcipient
SCTP S1AP Signaling Data Transcipient

Implemented items on Xcore related to Uu interface

EMM Authentication
Security Mode
Identification/EMM Information
Tracking Area Update
Service Request/Paging
ESM Default EPS Bearer Context Activation
Dedicated EPS Bearer Context Activation
EPS Bearer Context Modification
EPS Bearer Context Deactivation
PDN Connectivity/PDN Disconnect
ESM Information

Implemented EPC Protocol standard of Emulator

Classification Standard Contents
lu interface 3GPP TS 29.281 General Packet Radio System (GPRS) Tunneling Protocol User Plan (GTPv1-U)
3GPP TS 36.413 Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA); S1 Application Protocol (S1AP)
IETF RFC 4960 Network Working Group, Stream Control Transmission Protocol
S1 Interface 3GPP TS 29.273 Evolved Packet System (EPS); 3GPP EPS AAA interface
3GPP TS 24.301 Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for Evolved Packet System (EPS); Stage 3
3GPP TS 24.008 Mobile radio interface Layer 3 specification; Core network protocol; Stage 3

System Requirement

Item Minimum Requirerments Recommended Requirements
CPU Intel i5 2.6GHz or higher processor Intel i7 2.2GHz
Monitor 1024*768 or above 1600*900
RAM 4GB or above Intel i7 2.2GHz
Hard Drive 40GB or larger hard disk for collecting data 80GB or larger hard disk for collecting data
Operating System Ubuntu 12.04 (32bits) Ubuntu 12.04 (32bits)