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Benchmarking (Chipset, Mobile, System, Operators …)

Multi UE solution for various use (up to 9UE)

XCAL-Pu9 packages drive test, unattended benchmarking and an in-building test solution into a compact, lightweight and powerful tool. The Pu9 can support up to nine mobile phones that can be provisioned to benchmark a range of competitors over all key mobile access technologies like 2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-A(CA ~ 6CA) , PS-LTE(MCPTT), eMTC(Cat.M1) and NB-IoT. Thanks to its light weight chassis, it is suitable for walk test.

  • Use XCAL-Pu9 to

    • Perform both manual and autonomous competi-tive network benchmarking and troubleshooting
    • Conduct a wide range of application testing and application performance analysis
    • Monitor and improve
      • Web browsing
      • HTML : Mobile Messaging
      • SMS : Downloads and Uploads
      • FTP/iPerf : Streaming Video and audio
      • YouTube : mVolP and VoLTE
  • Benefits

    • The Pu9 guarantees the best possible mobile experience on the network to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Coupled with XCAP-Vuze, AEGIS, the Pu9 can also be used in end to end network performance assessment and network auditing
      • Streamlined network application testing
      • Reduced costs - 'all in one' platform means that the Pu9 can be used to perform a variety of tests on one scalable platform
      • SMS : Downloads and Uploads
      • Increase test accuracy and detail
      • Monitoring the most important live services
      • Improved time to market for new services
    • Perform standard-based Voice MOS Tests
  • Features

    • Interfacing with various devices
      • Mobile Phone, USB Modem
        (Smart phone: up to 9 / USB modem: 1)
      • GPS (1 unit)
      • Scanner (2 unit)
    • Backpack carryable, High mobility for walking test
    • External battery pack applicable
    • Support standard based MOS test
    • Support various QoS algorithm
      • PESQ: P862, P862-1, P862-2
      • POLQA: P863 Narrow Band & Wide Band

XCAL PC Based Solution Capacity

Autocall Support O O O O O O
No. of device interfacing 4 4 9 30 20(/ 1 Rack) 60~120(/ 1 Rack)
Field Test X O O O X X
In-building Test X X O X X X
MOS Test â–³Support withXCAL-S+ O O O â–³ O
Benchmarking Test X O O O O O


Title Spec Note
Power Input DC 24V
Power Consumption Stand-by < 10W (MCU Stand-by)
Stand-by < 60W (CPU Stand-by)
Maximum < 240W
CPU Intel Core i7-4700E 2.4GHz (Haswell)
HDD/SDD 128GByte / 256GByte
External Interface USB3.0 x 4 ports
1Gbps LAN x 2 ports
Master Phone Interface x 9
Phone Interface Connector: USB 3.0 Maximum: 9 ports
Size 228 x 46.5 x 160 (mm, W x H x D)
Weight 1.56kg
Bag(total weight) 15.65kg(Bag+9Mobiles+1Battery+etc)
Running Time(Battery) : 4H ~ 5H
Running Time(2Batteries) : 8H~10H