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MOS measurement

Multi-Port Hub for Voice MOS testing up to 4 UEs

XCAL-MPm4 is the smallest and yet most flexible of Accuver's network benchmarking solution. The XCAL-MPm4 scales four ports (supporting four simultaneous phones). Each port comes with its own individual sound control, allowing independent standard-based voice quality (MOS) testing that can be used for both mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-landline test scenarios. The unique feature of this tool is that any phone that supports Bluetooth, can be used for voice quality analysis - proving that high quality, scalable and robust network benchmarking tools need not cost the earth.

  • Use XCAL-MPm4 to

    • Perform network benchmarking tests using up to four mobile phones
    • Voice QoS - carry out standards-based voice MOS tests
    • Smartphone-based voice QoS
      • Use any smartphone that has Bluetooth
  • Benefits

    • Cost-effective solution for competitive network benchmarking and assessment
    • Highly portable and lightweight
    • Flexible choice of test handsets
    • AC or DC powered
    • Support wide range of handsets and CPEs
    • Auto-configuration with XCAL
    • Standards-based MOS measurement
    • Support both mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-landline test scenarios
    • Support MOS testing with Bluetooth-enabled features and smartphones
    • Support multiple 4G VoLTE Performance measurements in parallel
    • Support multiple 4G LTE Data Performance measurements in parallel with Smart Feature
  • Features

    • Support MOS test with XCAL
    • Support up to 4 devices
    • Support M2E (Mouth to Ear Delay) test
    • Support CS and PS call test
    • Support VoIP and VoLTE call test
      • Packet Loss, RTP Throughput, Delay, R-Factor, RTP Packet Count, Round Trip Time, etc.
    • Support various QoS algorithm
      • PESQ: P862, P862-1, P862- 2
      • POLQA: P863 (Super Wide as well) Narrow Band & Wide Band
    • Bluetooth
      • MOS cable interchangeable: Device control and sound source transmission by BT cable
    • Capacity expandable by multi MPm units

XCAL PC Based Solution Capacity

Autocall Support O O O O O O
No. of device interfacing 4 4 9 30 20(/ 1 Rack) 60~120(/ 1 Rack)
Field Test X O O O X X
In-building Test X X O X X X
MOS Test △Support withXCAL-S+ O O O O
Benchmarking Test X O O O O O


Title Specification Note
Power Input 12 ~24V DC Typ. 19V DC
Dual power input Connector
Power Consumption Stand-by: < 10 W
Maximum : 50w(with mobile phone x 4)
Host Interface USB2.0 Type-B W USB 2.0
External USB USB2.0 Type-A PC Interface port
Phone Interface Connector: Molex-20 Pin connector
USB2.0, UART, Audio In/Out
4 ports
Size 230 x 32 x 117 (mm, W x H x D)
Weight < 0.8 Kg