Test the user experience on the latest Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Test the user experience on the latest Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Accuver’s XCAL suite of tools now ready for Galaxy S9/S9+

The latest phones from Samsung are now hitting the market and the mobile service providers are looking to gauge the network performance and the user experience on these new phones.

Accuver is pleased to announce that its XCAL suite* of tools supports Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ using both Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810 chipsets. Engineers can now test their network and user experience using these latest LTE Cat.18 phones.

The combination of the XCAL tools suite and the S9 phone with Qualcomm chipset allow users to test Gigabit LTE performance of 5×20 MHz carrier aggregation (CA) and 4×4 MIMO on three carriers in the downlink (compared to 4 CA and 4×4 MIMO on two carriers in S8). Meanwhile, the Samsung chipset combination supports Gigabit LTE with 6 CA in the downlink (compared to 5CA in S8). Both chipsets support 2CA in the uplink.

For inquiries, please contact sales.usa@accuver.com.

* Supported currently on XCAL-M, XCAL-Pu9, and XCAL-MO III and XCAP-M platforms. XCAL-Solo and XCAL-Mobile to support Galaxy shortly.

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