Automate RAN optimization workflow using cloud based XCAL-Auto

Automate RAN optimization workflow using cloud based XCAL-Auto

5G is around the corner and mobile service providers have aggressive plans to roll out their new networks for an exciting new set of use cases. Service providers are targeting rapid time to market with their services, which would demand an accelerated launch of their new network. These mass network rollouts have to be backed up by large-scale RAN verification and optimization campaigns. For the Radio Frequency (RF) market managers, this often poses a huge challenge to manage their test and optimization resources and support a timely network launch. Accuver XCAL-Auto is here to help the RF team with its workflow automation.

Accuver XCAL-Auto is precisely developed for these kinds of scenarios. By using its cloud-based management platform, XCAL-Auto can manage multiple optimization campaigns, consisting of multiple types of XCAL devices in the field and spread over multiple geographies, indoors or outdoors. The RF managers and engineers can manage and control the entire testing and optimization exercise remotely while monitoring the test progress and KPI evolution in real-time.

The power of XCAL-Auto lies in its ability to automate the entire RF field testing workflow starting from assigning test configurations, to drive routes, report generation, detailed root cause analysis, and much more. The automation that XCAL-Auto provides saves time and expense on resources as well as better management of OPEX and CAPEX for the service provider.

A leading 4G-service provider in India was able to reap the full benefits of Accuver XCAL-Auto and was able to launch their network in a record time. In our next blog post, we’ll share their case study. Stay tuned.


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