Are you ready for CBRS? We at Accuver are

Are you ready for CBRS? We at Accuver are

It is widely believed that Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) could be a stepping-stone into 5G, even though today when we talk CBRS, it is in a 4G private network context or in an indoor coverage context. Many major wireless industry players see CBRS as a game changer, especially as the opening-up of 150 MHz spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band promises to bring a new set of wireless players, build a rich, new ecosystem and offer innovative products and services along with them. The CBRS alliance, which promotes LTE services, is already growing fast and today it pretty much includes all major US carriers and several OEM vendors and chipset makers. Speaking of, have you asked your vendors if their gear is capable of operating in the CBRS band already

Accuver first demonstrated its capabilities on the CBRS band with its XCAL-M and XCAP-M toolsets last year during Mobile World Congress Americas, held in San Francisco. Since then, our XCAL/XCAP products have supported LTE in the CBRS band and have been part of our routine offering. In fact, recognizing our solution’s maturity, our toolsets (both XCAL and XCAP) is already being used by a new disruptive wireless service provider in the US, while another is examining the viability of large-scale small cells deployment in the CBRS band. Along with the CBRS alliance members, we are excited about the potentials of this new 150 MHz chunk of wireless spectrum. We also believe that the CBRS spectrum can assist in moving 5G to the fast lane. Having already supplied 5G test gears to a leading service provider in the US (Accuver Delivers 5G Field Testing & Data Analysis Solution to a Leading Tier-1 US Mobile Carrier), we believe Accuver has a clear head start and will be ready with our toolset to support accelerated 5G deployments on CBRS.

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