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Multi-Smartphone Based Benchmarking Solution

Indoor Smartphone based Network QoS and QoE Benchmarking

Easy to use, lightweight, Scalable indoor/walk network test and benchmark platform, performing service testing on up to 6 smartphone devices and collection of RF scanner data, all controlled via a single easy to use GUI on a tablet device. Supplementary battery pack and XCAL-Solo hardware extends to use of the platform for up to 10 hours.

  • Use XCAL-Harmony to

    • Deployment Types
      • Indoor Network Optimization
      • Operator and Service benchmarking
      • Small cell and DAS deployment verification
      • Deployed for discreet test requirements
    • User Groups
      • Network Operators
      • Service Companies
      • System Vendors
      • Infrastructure leasing companies
      • Regulators
      • Train Operators
      • Mass gathering Hosting Venues (Stadiums, Concert Halls)
      • XCAP post processing software
      • Small cell and DAS deployment verification
  • Benefits

    • Cost effective and rapid deployment
    • Using proven XCAL-Mobile platform to record full optimization dataset
    • Part of the XCAL family of products, sharing commonality in log file format and analysis
    • XCAP post processing software
    • Small cell DAS deployment verification

Application of XCAL-Mobile based solution

Contents Mobile Solo Harmony
Autocall Support O O O
No. of test (Interwork devices) 1 1 6
Field Test O O O
In-Building Test O O O
MOS Test O O O
Single Benchmarking Test X X O


Configuration Setup Management of connection with UE: Connection/Disconnection available for each UE by Bluetooth Display Connection Status
Management Scenario setting of Each UE Support FTP, CSFB, VoLTE, Multi-Call, HTTP, Ping, WiFi management, Email, SMS, Youtube, Multi-RAB, MULTI SESSION
Monitoring Display UE & Device Status
Display Autocall Status
Display Autocall Statistics, Display Measurement History
In-Building Setup for In-building Measurement Support setup function for in-building measurement
Get address from GPS information
DB selection of saved building available
Choice of building type and type of measurement site available
Photograph and transmitting pictures of measured sites available
MAP Display location and result on Google Map in real time
PCTEL IBFlex Scanner Management Support scan list LTE enhanced TopN signal (FD-LTE/TD-LTE)
GSM color code
WiFi (AP Scan)
Log File Management Log file management function for each device Display a list of log file that saved at each mobile
Support log file deleting function
Support upload of log file through designated FTP server

Specification - Harmony Box(6 Mobile)

Backpack Spec Note
Size 320*450*100
Weight 3.2Kg Box Only
Weight(6 Smart Phones) 5.2Kg Including 6 smart phones and 3 x 20000mAh battery pack for 6 hour testing